Lowes Creek County Park Single-track Trails Closed

The Eau Claire County Parks & Forest Department announces that all single-track mountain bike/snowshoe (named) trails at Lowes Creek County Park are closed to all uses due to soft ground. Soft ground makes the soil more prone to erosion with continued use at this time. The single-track bike trails are the narrower (named) trails that include snowshoe trails, mountain
bike, and hiking trails (other than the ski trails). The wider (numbered) trails that were groomed for cross-country skiing will remain open for hiking, mountain biking, and pet walking at this time.

The single-track (named) trails will remain closed to all uses until further notice. The department will announce when the trails will reopen after conditions dry out.

Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 8 feet and under the owners control at all times.

Any questions regarding this press release can be directed to the Parks & Forest Department at the phone number above or visit ww.corbatrails.org.