May 15, 2013


Win-a-Bike/Gear Program

Brought to you by CORBA and Spring Street Sports.

We appreciate our volunteers.  We really do. So throughout the year we try to show our thanks with volunteer parties, event swag, prize drawings, free food and drinks, etc.

Oh, and we also give each volunteer a chance to win a bike or any other outdoor gear you choose that is available through our generous sponsor, Spring Street Sports in Chippewa Falls.  Basically, you’ll get a $2500.00 shopping spree at Spring Street Sports to spend on a bike, or on skis, or snowshoes, or clothing, or any combination of those and more!

So here’s what you need to know about the CORBA Win-a-Bike/Gear Program:

At our end of year party, we will draw the winner. The number of tickets that you will have in the drawing depends on how much you volunteer during the year. Each approximately 4 hour block of volunteer time will be awarded with one ticket in the drawing. So, the more you volunteer, the more tickets you will have in the drawing, and the better chances of you winning!

Basic eligibility requirements to participate in the Win-A-Bike/Gear program:

  1. Must be a CORBA member at the time of the volunteer activity* as well as at the time of the drawing. If you are not a current member, join here
  2. Must be at least 13 years old and either an individual CORBA member or part of a Family Membership.
  3. Volunteer at a minimum of 2 official CORBA events or trail days. This can be in any combination (2 events, 2 trail days, or 1 of each).

The volunteer opportunities that will be available to you for the purpose of earning hours toward the 4 hour block needed to earn a ticket are:

  1. Official CORBA events (Powder Keg, Firecracker, Deerfly, Fall Back Blast, Take a Kid Mountain Biking, Sadistic Century, Candlelight Snowshoe and any other events we may add throughout the year). Each volunteer spot that you fill that is an approximate 4 hour shift will earn you 1 ticket. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring they sign-in and sign-out of the volunteer log for each shift in order to get credit. 
  2. Official CORBA Trails Days. Trail days are usually scheduled for an approximate 4 hour period.Therefore, participating at a Trail Day (from start to finish) will earn you 1 ticket. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring they sign-in and sign-out of the volunteer log in order to get credit.
  3. Other volunteer activities that are approved by Trail Liaisons or Board Members. Such volunteer times will be tracked and for each accumulated 4 hour period, 1 ticket will be earned. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring their time is reported and approved by a Trail Liaison or Board Member. Volunteer opportunities will be regularly posted.

* Drawing entries will not be awarded retroactively. In order to earn the entry, the volunteer must be a CORBA member at the time of the volunteer activity. Volunteers at our events and trail days who are not current members will be provided the opportunity to sign up for membership on the spot as they sign-in for the volunteer activity and then that volunteer activity will be eligible for the drawing.

Volunteer Log

Once you’ve completed your volunteer work, please submit your hours here.