March 6, 2013

Area 178

Area 178 in Chippewa Falls provides diverse terrain and some of the best water’s edge scenery around. The shores of the Chippewa River and Lake Wissota encompass the riding area on the North, East and South boundaries and a new vista waits around every turn of the perimeter trails. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or just exploring, be sure to skip some stones and contemplate this stretch of lake/riverfront that was born only 100 years ago after the building of the Wissota Hydroelectric Dam . Old Oaks and exposed bedrock features keep things interesting in the southern interior of the park while plantation pines and an inland lake provide leisurely passage through the northern interior. The trails are all multi-use, so please be courteous to other users.

Parking is available along Highway 178 (Alias: Seymour Cray Sr. Blvd.) just north of the Chippewa River, or along Beach Drive.  Another access point is available at Chippewa Rod and Gun Park.

Trail Status

AREA 178 MAP (Low Resolution)

Click here for higher quality map: Area178Aerial