November 19, 2009


Becoming a member of CORBA connects you with the area’s most active network of trails enthusiasts. At the same time, your membership directly supports local trails and events on the trails.


CORBA Membership Has its Privileges:

  • Access to members-only club functions
  • Discounts at participating bike shops
  • Eligibility for our Win A Bike program
  • Chances to win swag and prizes at club events
  • Voting privileges in Board elections

Joining CORBA also means:

  • Hanging out with and meeting people who share your love of the trails and outdoor activities
  • Continued trail access and the knowledge that you’re making a difference to trail users of today and tomorrow
  • A voice in the future of trails in the Chippewa Valley
  • A tax-deductible warm fuzzy feeling

Your membership dues go toward:

  • Local trail building and maintenance
  • Trail building tools, materials and machinery
  • Administrative costs like club insurance, web hosting, printing, membership fees
  • Capital for trail projects
  • Community events like National Trails Day and Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day
  • Trail maps and signage
  • Supporting, recruiting and retaining the volunteers that work so hard to give you the singletrack you love

Be a part of our local trails community. Join CORBA today.