March 16, 2019

Silver Creek Trails

Singletrack mileage:  6 mi
Double track mileage (access roads):  7 mi
Fee:  none
Map availability:  Signage at trail head coming
Winter biking:  YES

Trail Status

Silver Creek Trails are located in the 1200 acre, non-motorized, Barron County Forest – Silver Creek Unit, affectionately known by the locals as Mesenbring’s, after it’s namesake Mesenbring Ranch.

In 2018, the trails became part of the CORBA trail system.  Silver Creek Trails are hand built primitive style single track. The system has a very remote and wandering feel with healthy amount of elevation. There are fast and flowy sections with some long heart pumping climbs and technical features. The trails also take you along the Turtle Creek which is a class 2 trout stream that provides excellent fishing and kayaking opportunities. The system now has approximately 6 miles of single track with 7 plus miles of access roads available for biking, hiking, snow shoeing, and adventure style cross country skiing. If you are looking for an experience that is far from the ordinary, these are the trails that will provide that experience. Trails are also located only a half mile from a full service bicycle shop and camping.

We currently have another 4-5 miles of single track that will continue to be built. We add new trail weekly as we work toward our goal of 15 plus miles of rugged hand built single track.

We’re in the process of getting signs for the trails, including the trail head. 

This is a No Fee trail system. There are no closed hours, but we do encourage trail etiquette, especially during hunting season and winter use.

We don’t close the trails for weather, in any form, though we recommend trail etiquette.  These are primitive and rugged with rocks and roots.  We encourage you to come out and ride, any time of year!  Tear it up, have a blast and really do some mountain biking, trail running, or hiking, etc.!  You’ll be surprised at the challenging amount of elevation change in this modest forest.

We also think it’s a great trails system for hiking and snowshoeing.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place to spend your time.  The forest has two Class 2 trout streams to fish and the hunting is plentiful.

Location –
Silver Creek Trails are located in the 1200 acre, non-motorized Barron County Forest – Silver Creek Unit on the corner of 5th St & 6th Ave, Clayton, WI. :

Trail Map: