November 19, 2009

Northwest Park

Location:  Eau Claire, WI
Singletrack mileage:
  7 mi
Double track mileage:  2 mi
Fee:  None
Map availability:  Print or save to your smartphone the map below.
Winter biking:  YES.  Stay on single track and stay off groomed ski trails.

Trail Status

In 2008, the city of Eau Claire approved plans for a new community park on the northwest side of town. Park developers asked the Chippewa Off-Road Bike Association to develop a system of mountain bike trails at this 120-acre site near the North Crossing and the Chippewa River.

Through numerous volunteer hours, the trails at Northwest Park (NWP) have become an awesome reality.  NWP has quickly become a favorite destination for winter fat-bikers as well as mountain bikers looking for a challenging and fun course to hone their skills on.

Here is a map of Northwest Park:

Click to enlarge

How to get there:

From the North Crossing (WI Hwy 312), go north on Jeffers Rd.  Take the first right onto E Prairie Ln.  Go right on Arrowhead Dr and left on Van Es Pkwy.  Trail head is at end of road.