January 18, 2010

Get Involved

Continued access to ever-improving trails. Exploring new ribbons of singletrack within a couple miles of your back door. Connecting with good folks who share your love of the trails and the activities we use them for.  Just look at this picture ….

What’s all that worth to you? A few dollars? A few hours?

Truth is, trails don’t build themselves. CORBA relies on dedicated members, volunteers and business partners to continue improving our trails in the Chippewa Valley. If you’d like to support our trails and our activities on them, we’ve got plenty of ways to get involved…


Becoming a member of CORBA connects you with the area’s most active network of trails enthusiasts. At the same time, your membership directly supports local trails and events.


You’ve got the chainring mark on your calf, but do you have the dirt under your fingernails?

Donate to CORBA

We’ve made it real easy.  You can drop donations at the ‘trailhead’ donation boxes, or use the PayPal link on the sidebar of the website.  Remember its tax deductible, too!

Group Rides

CORBA hosts a weekly group rides for anyone looking to meet up with other area mountain bikers. Members and non-members of all abilities are welcome.