2023 CORBA Annual Meeting

This is CORBA’s official “business” meeting for members where we provide detailed information about the state of the organization, what we’ve worked on during the previous year, and our plans for the upcoming year. We have a lot of exciting projects and events in the works that we are looking forward to informing members about.

Member input, ideas, and feedback are always welcome, but this meeting is more intended to provide information to members rather than receive input from them. Our monthly board meetings are the best opportunity for member input.

The Annual Member Meeting is also where we hold our elections for board membership positions. All current members in good standing are eligible to vote and are highly encouraged to do so. We have a number of positions that will be on the ballot this year.

Please read below the positions that are up for election and the candidates that are running for them.

The meeting will also be available via Zoom – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84070604339



Currently held by Ryan Urban. Ryan has opted to not run for re-election.

Brandon LaFave

Hello! My name is Brandon LaFave. I currently serve as the Vice President on the CORBA Board and have decided to run as President. My wife and two boys moved to the Eau Claire area just over two years ago. I immediately started getting involved with CORBA so that I could start getting connected with the biking community.

Last year, I took on the role of Vice President and it has been a pleasure getting more involved with the club and all of the members and volunteers. I’ve been heavily involved with putting on the CORBA events as well as getting connected with all of the businesses that support CORBA. I’m excited to carry that momentum into the President Position.

Membership Director

Currently vacant.

Craig Hinden

My name is Craig Hinden and I have been an Eau Claire resident since July of 2000.  Over that time I have been able to enjoy the vast recreational opportunities in the Chippewa Valley, and CORBA has been a large part of that.

I have participated in many races over the years (Powder Keg, FBB, Firecracker) and have attended CVTR and MNGR events from time to time.  In addition to that, it just been fun checking out the trails at Area 178, Hickory Ridge, and Centennial Park.

I am married (wife Stacy) and have two adult daughters (Kelly and Jenna).  My other interests include: adventure racing, fishing, reading, amateur landscaping, and watching numerous sports.

Nick Meyer


Hello, I’m Nick Meyer, 44 years old, married with 3 boys ages 11, 8, and 4. I am an enthusiastic biker who rides fat bike, mountain bike, road bike, and gravel bike. I also ski a bit, and my wife is a highly avid nordic skier, snowshoer, and trail runner. Our entire family are avid mountain and road bikers, including being members of the 906 Adventure Team (which my wife coaches) and the Eau Claire Youth Cycling Team (which I’ll be coaching this year). I’ve ridden at 6 of the 10 CORBA trail systems (both in winter and summer), as well as trail systems around WI and MN including in Wausau, St. Germain, Woodbury, Winchester, Neilsville, Estes Park, CO and more. This spring I’ll be traveling to Cuyuna, MN (with ECYC) and Bentonville, AR (with friends) to explore the best of what mountain biking can be. I’ve ridden road and gravel extensively as well, totaling as many as 3,500 miles/year.


I’m the founder and owner of Volume One & The Local Store (21 years), as well as founder and co-owner of The Oxbow Hotel (7 years). I’ve been on the board of directors of the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Eau Claire Inc, the Wisconsin Arts Board, and more. Currently I’m on the board of directors of Visit Eau Claire, and have been for more than 8 years total. Through all these efforts over more than 20 years, I built great and relevant relationships in many corners of the Chippewa Valley community. I’ve produced dozens of high profile community events attended by tens of thousands of people, and have extensive experience with advertising and marketing including print, digital, web, social media, email, TV/radio, and more. I also have experience with community engagement, PR, membership campaigns, and earned media coverage. I’m currently actively involved in launching Bike Skills Park project that’s forming for Lowes Creek, and in the fundraising and branding for the “Get It Groomed” campaign raising money for new high-end ski trail grooming equipment at Tower Ridge and other county parks.


I feel CORBA can be doing more to elevate its profile and strengthen its financial position and standing in the community. This starts with welcoming in a much broader and more diverse base of membership. With further consultation with the existing board and the community, I believe two well-produced and promoted larger annual events – perhaps a more casual summer picnic style event, and a more upscale annual indoor sort of event – could go a long way toward creating a stronger community around CORBA. This would translate to more volunteers, more fundraising, and more engagement overall. Developing a strategy for incentives and perks of membership is also key, finding ways to have members feel truly a part of CORBA and well taken care of, in addition to knowing they’re supporting trails and maintenance.

Thank you for the opportunity to possibly use my skills toward the improvement of outdoor recreation in this community.


Currently held by Becca Holman. Becca has opted not to re-elect

Jeff Mares

My name is Jeff Mares and I have been proud to call Eau Claire home since 2002 when I started my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. In 2009 I started my first business, Infinitea Teahouse, where I ran all of the operations of the business including all financial aspects utilizing Quickbooks. After I made the decision to close Infinitea Teahouse I have since pursued my passion for education and teaching and worked for two local professional development companies, Lorman and PESI, and I have been employed by Jamf for the past 4 years as a Learning & Development Program Manager. Beyond my professional accomplishments I am a husband, father to a 9 and 11 year old, a novice rock climber, and biking enthusiast. Since 2012, when I made what I thought at the time was an audacious goal of riding 2012 miles in 2012, biking has now become a year round facet of my life. I ride road when I need to clear my thoughts, blow off steam and spend time with the community of fellow road bikers. I ride mountain bike when I want to smile and laugh like I don’t have a care in the world, made even better if I can share this passion and love with my two kids. And I fat bike to breathe the crisp cold air and take advantage of these Wisconsin winters. I’ve seen what a bike can do to people of all ages, and through my volunteer work with ECYC and 906 Adventure Club I have been able to witness the empowering and transformative nature of a bicycle in the next generation. I’m asking for your vote for Treasurer so that I can add to the CORBA board a perspective and passion that is shared by us all but also uniquely my own.

County Members at Large

Each of our County Members at Large are up for re-election. Each current member will be running for re-election.

Barron County Member at Large — Eric Grundin
Chippewa County Member at Large — Bill Zimmerman
Dunn County Member at Large — Jerry Porter
Eau Claire County Member at Large — Tim Wucherer