River Doc Trail Development

The River Doc Trail system is coming along nicely. We have about 3 miles of corridor cut that is ready for finish work. 

A schedule for trail work has been set up. Saturday mornings from 9 am to 12 noon and Wednesday evenings 5:30 until dark. This is ongoing for the foreseeable future. This is volunteer work. Show up when you can and give a hand creating a new trail system.

The corridor for the trail has been well done with mechanical equipment which will make our job much easier to accomplish. Much of the work will be removing roots and small stumps, using string trimmers to clear the edges and lots of raking and tamping down dirt.

Trail work is a challenging task and you should be prepared with the following.
Sturdy footwear
Work gloves
Bug spray 
Long sleeves and long pants
Safety glasses
Water and snacks

Tools needed. Please bring what you have.
String trimmer

A four wheeler to pull a drag harrow would be nice! A very limited supply of tools is on-site, so please bring what you have.

Currently parking will be at 2404 18 1/2 Street. Questions? Check with Eric at etgrundin(at)gmail.com