Winter Fat Bike Grooming

At the 10/9/2019 board meeting, the CORBA board committed to working toward providing Winter fat bike grooming at select CORBA trail systems.

The CORBA trail systems we have targeted for the best opportunity for Winter fat bike grooming are:

  1. Lowes Creek
  2. Northwest Park
  3. Hickory Ridge
  4. Menomin Park
  5. Pipestone Quarry
  6. Silver Creek Trails

The board has approved a motion to begin a targeted fundraising campaign for this endeavor. We have set a goal of raising $20,000 in order to purchase the needed equipment to be able to get started. We have further approved a pledge from CORBA of $3000 toward that fund to get things started.

In order to provide Winter fat bike grooming, it will require a strong commitment from the fat bike riding community. We are asking for volunteers and funding help from all of the CORBA area fat biking community in order to make this happen.

We have discussed and evaluated an organized effort for fat bike grooming every winter for the past 4-5 years, but have not received enough support for the investment. We hope and believe that fat biking has grown enough to where the community is now ready to provide that support. CORBA is ready and willing to do its part in making this happen, but the ultimate determination will be made by the community of fat bikers who donate funds for the equipment and commit to helping with the work.

Please use the link below to donate and become involved in this effort.