May 24, 2018

Trail Work / Event Volunteer Log

Please use this form to submit trail work volunteer hours.
* Trail Days – Enter the time worked at an official trail day. Your entry will be verified by the sign in sheet and/or event organizer.
* Individual trail work – Please enter time you volunteered doing trail work outside of official trail days. Your trail work/time does need to be verified by the trail liaison to be counted towards Win-A-Gear.
* Events – Enter your time volunteering at CORBA events. Your entry will be verified by the sign in sheet,, and/or the event organizer.

All verified time will be counted towards the end of year as a Win-A-Gear entry for CORBA members.

Trail Work Volunteer Log

Our insurance requires us to have signed waivers each year for volunteers at events and doing trail work. Waivers will be made available on trail days and at events. If you are volunteering on trails, outside of office trail days or events please download a waiver, sign it, and email it to

Can’t remember if you entered your time? Check the Volunteer Log Spreadsheet to find out!