February 29, 2020

Red Flint Firecracker Virtual

June 26 – July 5, 2020

List of door prize winners.

Thank you, everyone, for participating and for your generous donations that made for a successful and fun Firecracker even under these different circumstances! See you next year!

Signed up and ready to go? Everything you need to know can be found in the Firecracker Registered Participant FAQ document.

Since the actual Red Flint Firecracker Fest had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, we have decided to not let that stop our fun (or our fundraising)!

Firecracker Highlight Video

The Red Flint Firecracker is going virtual for 2020. There will be three events to choose from (Road Ride, Trail Run, or Mountain Bike Race), and each of those will have a number of options.

We will also a need for volunteers for course setup, take down, and daily course checks for both the run and bike portions at Lowes Creek. VOLUNTEER SIGN UP

Events and Options

Road Ride
Choose between a 12, 25, 45, 65, or 100 mile route. Ride at your own pace at the time of your choosing (within the specified dates), and enter your participation details where instructed and you will get credit for completion of the event and be eligible for the door prize drawings. We will provide the course maps for you to print out.

Trail Run
We will set up an awesome 5K course on the single-track trails of Lowes Creek County Park. You can choose to enter into the categories of 1, 2, 3, or 4 laps of the course.

$50 VISA card prizes will be awarded to the overall winners (M/F) in each category. Because it would be possible for one person to run every category and sweep the winnings, we are limiting winners to one category only (but feel free to run the other categories for fun).

MTB Race
We will set up a 7 mile course similar to our traditional “Sport” lap course from previous Firecracker races. You can choose to enter into the categories of 1, 2, 3, or 4 laps of the course.

$50 VISA card prizes will be awarded to the overall winners (M/F) in each category. Because it would be possible for one person to ride every category and sweep the winnings, we are limiting winners to one category only (but feel free to ride the other categories for fun).

MTB Race (Short Course Option)
Our main 7 mile MTB course for the Firecracker Virtual Race was created to be a fun, challenging course for all levels of riders, but we recognize that quite a few sections of the course may be a bit too challenging for young and/or new/inexperienced riders.

Therefore, we added a short course option for those who want to participate but are not comfortable riding a number of the more challenging sections of the main course.

The short course will simply follow the trail run 5K course. There will be a new category for reporting the completion of the Short Course.

So, if you have hesitated to register due to the main course being too challenging for your experience level, we now have a good option for you.

Please note that we do not want the more experienced riders taking this option. This is NOT a short, sprint course for advanced riders, so please don’t enter that category if you are more experienced.

In all cases, please remember that none of the trails are closed, so be aware of others out there as you are riding and running.

Over the Top
Pick your poison: road ride, trail run, or mountain bike. Ride as long and as far as you choose in ONE EFFORT. Reasonable “self aid station” stops between laps are allowed, but to ensure this is “in one effort”, please abide by the rule of no aid stops longer than 15 minutes.

Pledge for Miles
Are you looking to challenge yourself to see how many miles (road ride) or laps (trail run or mtb) you can do over all ten days total? Let’s see what you can do.

The Pledge for Miles option of participating in the Firecracker Virtual races is a great way to help CORBA raise more funds as well as raise funds for local youth NICA mountain bike teams

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Register for the Firecracker Virtual.
  2. Participate in any of the events that you would like to.
  3. To also participate in the Pledge for Miles option, download the Pledge for Miles pledge log.
  4. Collect pledges from your friends and family for donations based on the number of miles you ride/run during the 10 day period of the Firecracker Virtual.
  5. Ride/run as many loops of the course as you can during the 10 days. Be sure to log them.
  6. Tally up your miles and collect the pledge money from your sponsors and support to CORBA. Report them here.
  7. Funds will be split so that 75% will go to help CORBA build and maintain trails and 25% will go to a NICA team. You can choose a specific NICA team that your funds will go to or you can choose to split it between all of the area NICA teams that CORBA supports.
  8. The person that collects the most fund through the Pledge for Miles will be awarded a $1000 voucher for products from our sponsor, Red Flint Rock and Stone. Second place will receive a $500 voucher and 3rd place, a $250 voucher.

So, for example, a participant might obtain a pledge from someone for $0.10 per mile. If that participant then rides a total of 100 miles during that 10 days, then the sponsor who pledged $0.10 per mile would donate $10.00. Of course, if they pledged $1.00 per mile, then they would donate $100.00. All of the participant’s pledges would then be tallied up to determine the total donation amount.

Furry Friends Walk
Do you and your dog enjoy exploring the woods and trails at Lowes Creek County Park? Then the event for you is to take your furry friend(s) out for a walk and record your time and distance (if you know it). This is a non-competitive event and you will be eligible for door prizes.



When you register, there is no need to choose your event. You will simply register once, and you can participate in any or all of the events. You will participate at your convenience during the 10 day period between June 26 and July 5.

Registration fees will be by donation…you choose the level that you would like to, and are able to, give, keeping in mind that the Red Flint Firecracker is CORBA’s main fundraising event of the year, so not being able to hold it will put a large damper on our revenue for the year.

We are asking our trails community to be as generous as they can be for the trails that we all love to use. But we also understand that this virus and the resulting disruptions has hit some of us harder than others, so if things are tight, we still want to provide you with the opportunity to participate in the fun!