August 26, 2011

Hickory Ridge Rush

Hickory Ridge Rush Virtual 2021


The Hickory Ridge Rush is your virtual singletrack challenge for 2021. Fall is the perfect time to explore Hickory Ridge. The trails at Hickory wind their way around numerous lakes with wooded, rolling terrain. Added amenities include crisp air, spectacular colors, and sparkling lakes. CORBA and Friends of Hickory Ridge have worked together for many years to make this trail system the destination that it is! Займы онлайн бесплатно на карту.

The Hickory Ridge Rush will include long and short courses for both the mountain bike and the trail run races. An option for those non-competitive participants will be a Furry Friends category on a smaller section of singletrack. All events will take place from the main trailhead outside of Bloomer. Driving Directions and Address. 

RACER FAQ: All you need to know : Links to courses, recording your results, etc COMING SOON

We will also have a need for volunteers for course setup, take down, and daily course checks for both the run and bike portions at Hickory Ridge. VOLUNTEER SIGN UP COMING SOON


The competitive courses will consist almost entirely of singletrack trails since racing virtually means less need for wider trails for passing. The Long Course will be approximately 19-20 miles and the Short Course will be approximately 4-5 miles. It’s the same course whether you mountain bike or trail run it! As with any race you will want to ride and run within your ability and use caution, especially if you are newer to mountain biking or trail running.

A non-competitive option will be available for those wishing to explore the area on a smaller section of singletrack. This is a great hike with your furry friends or camera to catch some nice scenic photos.

One or Two Laps

This option lets you choose to compete in the long or short course, with one or two lap distances. Mountain Bike or Trail Run, it’s up to you! Want to compete in more than one or all of them? The long, the short, the one and the double? Go for it!

Dual Sport

Do you consider yourself a trail runner AND a mountain biker? Then you can bike one lap and run one lap. Or vice versa. The laps must be on the same course. For example bike the short lap, run the short lap or run the long lap, bike the long lap. All in one effort and record your total elapsed time.

Over The Top

Begin by selecting your preferred mode of travel, mountain bike or trail run. Ride or run as many laps long as you can in ONE EFFORT. Reasonable “self aid station” stops between laps are allowed, but to ensure this is “in one effort”, please abide by the rule of no aid stops longer than 15 minutes.

Total Rush

Begin by selecting your preferred mode of travel, mountain bike or trail run. Ride or run as many miles on the course over the entire event time (9/25-10/3) and record the total distance covered. 

Furry Friends Walk

Do you and your dog enjoy exploring the woods and trails at Hickory Ridge? Then the event for you is to take your furry friend(s) out for a walk and record your time and distance (if you know it). This is a non-competitive event. 


Awards will be provided in the following categories:

  • Male and Female overall winners in the One and Two lap options for both mountain bike and trail run events (Long and short options). 
  • Male and Female winners for Dual Sport, Over The Top and Total Rush for both mountain bike and trail run events..

COURSE MAPS – (click to enlarge)


When you register, there is no need to choose your event. You will simply register once, and you can participate in any or all of the events. You will participate at your convenience during the 9 day period between September 25th  and October 3rd.

Registration fees will be by donation…you choose the level that you would like to, and are able to, give, keeping in mind that the Hickory Ridge Rush is a FUNDRAISER for both CORBA and for the Friends of Hickory Ridge Trails.

Swag Items (see registration page for details): coming soon