February 10, 2021

CORBA Trail Series

The CORBA Trail Series continues for 2022. Participate in CORBA events to earn points in this free series. The more you do the more points you earn! For a full list of events, see our events page. More details to come but expect some cool swag and awards at the end of the year.

2022 Top Standings

NameDivisionPowder KegFirecrackerSadistic CenturyFall Back BlastTotal Events
Pat BMale33
Andrew DMale33
Steven VMale 33

2021 Top 5 Finishers

NameDivisionPowder Keg FirecrackerSadistic CenturyFall Back BlastTotal Events
Pam OFemale56214
Becca H Female54312
Patrick BMale
Kate LFemale81110
Alyssa L Female99