Update on Winter Fat Bike Grooming

We are pleased to announce that we have now met our initial fundraising goal of $5,000, which will enable us to purchase our first winter grooming Snow Dog machine.

This machine will not yet be assigned to a specific trail system for dedicated, exclusive grooming, but rather, it will be used for training of our grooming volunteer team throughout our designated winter grooming trail systems, as well as helping to determine what type of machine will work best for each system.

We are very confident that it will work well for at least a few of our trail systems and the versatility of this machine will allow us to also use it for various trail work and events throughout the year (it’s not just for snow).

Not only have we met our first $5,000 goal, but we are now over $8,000 raised toward our total $20,000 goal.

We appreciate and want to thank everyone that has donated so far, but want to give a special thank you to Amy and Lee Marsh of Mac’s Seat Cover Center for a very generous $1000 donation that put us over the top for our initial goal. Amy and Lee are also among our top volunteers, participating in nearly every trail day and event we’ve had for as many years as I can remember. When you see Amy and Lee next, please say thank you and buy them a beer, and if you need top quality automotive or marine upholstery work, be sure to check out Mac’s Seat Cover Center and give them a like on FaceBook! Amy and Lee do not ask everyone to donate this much, but challenge all to pitch in whatever they can.

We’d also like to thank everyone who has been involved in the Sadistic Century ride in Menomonie for the past couple of years. Jerry Porter, our Dunn County Board Member At Large, and an organizer of the Sadistic Century, presented CORBA with a check of over $3,000 from the proceeds of the last two years of the Sadistic Century to be earmarked for our winter grooming equipment for the CORBA trails at Menomin Park in Menomonie. Be sure to check out the next Sadistic Century on August 15, 2020!

While we can’t yet promise to provide consistent, perfectly groomed trails on any of our trail systems (except for Hickory Ridge, where they have it very well dialed in), we do believe that during our training and trials, we will probably be able to create some nicely groomed trails for Lowes Creek and possibly Northwest Park (pending all of the proper authorizations and insurance are obtained).

We have the snowball rolling…please help keep it going and growing by donating today in order to reach our ultimate goal of providing groomed fat biking trails throughout the entire CORBA network of trail systems!


And sign up to be a part of the CORBA Grooming Team here: https://corbatrails.org/2019/10/winter-fat-bike-grooming-volunteer-sign-up/