More Details on Winter Fat Bike Grooming Plan

Below are additional details of CORBA’s plan for phasing in the Winter fat bike grooming project.

Phase 1: Implement the fundraising mechanism and announce the plan. DONE.

Phase 2: Begin collecting names of people that are willing to commit to regular help with grooming. Trail Liaisons and Trail Director start looking at the best routes to groom at each respective trail system. Determine insurance needs and obtain all necessary permissions/authorizations from respective trail system land owners.

Phase 3: At the point that we reach $5000 in our fundraising, purchase one SnowDog.

Phase 4: As soon as we get enough snow to work with, we begin training with the SnowDog with a core group of 3-4 people who will help with training the other volunteers.

Phase 5: We will set a schedule for training volunteers at the various trail systems and begin determining which ones that the SnowDog works well at and which ones would probably work better with a snowmobile set-up like Hickory.

Phase 6: Purchase the remaining equipment upon reaching our goal of a total of $20,000 in fundraising.

Phase 7: Begin regular grooming of all systems.

Hopefully we will get some substantial early snow in November and December in order to conduct the training in Phase 4 and 5. If that happens and if we can reach our fundraising goal in time, it would then be possible to be doing regular grooming in January, February and March for all systems.

Also keep in mind that the fundraising does not have to be limited to just individual donations. The intent is to get the fat biking community involved in this endeavor. So let’s all brainstorm some ways to raise that money together (ie. Brat sales at Festival? Donations from area businesses? Fat bike raffle? Sale of fat biking t-shirts?). If you have ideas, please share them and let us know whether you are willing to head up the organization and implementation of that idea.

This is doable! Let’s all work together to find the best ways to do it!

Please use the link below to donate and become involved in this project:

Winter Fat Bike Grooming