Jereme Rauckman Takes the Helm of CORBA

At tonight’s CORBA Annual Membership Meeting, Jereme Rauckman was voted in as President of CORBA for the next two year term. Jereme is no stranger to CORBA or being a part of the CORBA Board as he has served in various positions over the years. We look forward to Jereme’s energy, ideas, and leadership.

CORBA members also voted in Chris McDonald as the new CORBA Treasurer. Chris is also a long-time CORBA member and is a very familiar face whenever there is a need for volunteers. We welcome Chris and appreciate his willingness to take on a new role with the organization.

We want to give a huge thank you to outgoing CORBA President Andy Tyriver and Treasurer Geri Draz. We all really appreciate the time and contributions that they have both made during the past 2 years.

Lastly, members voted for a name and branding change for CORBA. With the idea of being more inviting and welcoming to people who may be using our multi-use trails in other ways than off-road biking, we have voted to change the organization name from “Chippewa Off Road Bike Association” to simply “CORBA” as the official name. The tag line that will explain “CORBA” will be “Community Outdoor Recreation Benefiting All”. Our focus will remain in building and maintaining trails, as it always has been, but with this change we will better be able to attract multi-use members. This will make our voice much stronger when working with municipalities in lobbying for more trails or added features to our trail systems. It will also help us to attract more sponsors.